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Design Thinking: The New CI Mindset?

Posted By Luis Madureira, Sunday, February 10, 2019
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SMINT, Why CI Needs A New Approach by Luis Madureira

Posted By Luis Madureira, Thursday, March 16, 2017


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CI is not SEXY... It's...

Posted By Luis Madureira, Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Harvard Business Review called it the Sexiest Job of the 21st Century. Others compare it to Rock Stardom of Tech. The reason is intimately linked to the Big Data hype. Or not. The fact is that...  


Having a considerable amount of data allow us to derive powerful insights. And the bigger the amount of data, the bigger the variety, the bigger the velocity we crunch it, the bigger the problems we will be able to solve. And the demand for the people who can do this is understandably rising. This is fuelled by the Social Consumer, whom increasingly shares information with broader number of people, and ultimately by the rising number of connected devices (the IoT - Internet of things).


If the insights derived are actioned within the Marketing realm , then there is considerable profit to be made. You can acquire customer intelligently (e.g. Target), optimize Marketing ROI (e.g. DHL Marketing Budget Optimisation), or Segment into tribes to be more relevant and increase sales (e.g. Sporting Clube de Portugal), just to name a few.


Whatever area you derive the insights, analysis by itself will not guarantee you the exploitation of the huge profit potential. You need to bring in a "Human Face" to Big Data. This is where Design Thinking comes in. Data Scientists and Analysts must develop empathy with the pressing problems and its context both companies, its leaders, and decision-makers are facing on a daily basis. On top of the Rationality in the analysis, Data Scientists and Analysts must add Creativity in insights and solution generation to those pressing problems. There is an implicit sexiness in solving big problems, being in Engineering, Automotive, Design, Art, Consumer Technology, or any other area. Design Thinkers are Masters of Abductive Reasoning,

"... understanding do not entail progress toward an absolute truth, but rather an evolving interaction with the context or environment…” - Tim Brown

David Ogilvy for example, the original Mad (Math) Man - (Math) part my own addiction - has this famous quote:

As far as I know, I’m the only creative genius who started his career in research”  David Ogilvy

It is as much as about as creating the right algorithm as it is about asking the right questions.

Empathetically considered, mathematically proven is the new SEXY!"

Fast Company coined the term GENERATION FLUX for people who are adapting to chaos and succeeding! Famous examples are DJ Patil, U.S.Chief Data Scientist @ White House, or Pete Cashmore, CEO @ Mashable. 

This leads us to our subject...

COMPETITIVE INTELLIGENCE IS NOT SEXY... IT IS... Read the rest of the post and access the slide deck HERE

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Media Intelligence - Foreseeing the future through the media

Posted By JosÃ’Æ Ã © M. Diogo, VF Com, Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Media intelligence It is not guessing, it’s more like predicting, but the odds are considerable. Media intelligence is the ability of an individual or an organization to anticipate (or influence) the news. Sometimes before the facts actually happen. 


There is this song, worldwide known, composed by the British singer Elton John, called “Your song”. In it, there is has a sentence so simple and obvious that gets to be enigmatic: “It may be quite simple, but now that it’s done”.

We can say that this verse conveys both oddity and wonder. Something that seemed totally obvious but until a certain moment anyone had remembered it. That nobody could perceive.

Like Sir Elton John sung, insights repeatedly seem obvious but seldom they are. Even if it seems like a result of very simple deductions it’s the other way around. It’s an elaborate process that adds multiple factors combined in complex ways.

Welcome to “Media Intelligence”.

Let’s see a real example of how things happen. The analysis elements are two texts. The first one is one my weekly chronicles at the Portuguese daily “Jornal de Notícias”; an opinion text (written by a columnist in a daily newspaper). The second, a news release, signed by journalists at the major local broadsheet newspaper “Expresso”.

On Sunday, December 13th, 2015, I wrote in my column that the current Prime Minister, Mr. António Costa, had all the advantage in the victory of Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa in the next presidential elections, to be held the next January 28th.

That day, my article, has called “O apoio de Costa a Marcelo”, Portuguese for “Costa to back Marcelo”. For those who do not know the political ins and outs, this is not an obvious conclusion. Costa is the Socialist prime minister that recently earned power to social democrats and they precisely suport De Sousa. Odd? Not quite.

This thesis, defended in my text (then just opinion) was confirmed this week by the events. “Expresso”, reported the same fact, as news, in the edition of 31st December. It was part of the front page of the newspaper and occupies the entire 8th page of the largest Portuguese weekly journal.

Three weeks later after all that I wrote for the future it became verified in the present. Back to the future?

Is this in simple deduction? Not quite.

To achieve good insights - knowledge resulting from a process using insight, perception, judgment, intelligence, processing speed, or even intuition – it is necessary to deeply know the framework of each situation, the characters who inhabit them, their expected behaviour and the admissible exclusions.

Once founded, we typify all the relevant variables - through careful analysis of the data and the metadata – found in the most various sources of information. These are normally open, in traditional or online support. Only here, we can apply media intelligence models; and then try to “anticipate" the future.

Applying this method in the right way, we’ll find the likely future directions that shape our brand, business, reputation, or personal brand. Get to now things before the others, is always a significant advantage.

Like the song “says”. Seems easy. But it’s not.


Tags:  agenda setting  intelligence  media intelligence 

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