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Non-Profits and Local Government Agencies Involved in Economic Development Can Now Take Advantage of Negotiated Corporate Intelligence Technology Discounts through SCIP-LEAP!


Several innovative cities and regions that are actively pursing an economic rebirth have turned to CI to understand: Competitors and their strategies, industry trends and forecasts, market demographics and psychographics (lifestyle information), GIS and social networking, market size and sales, market research reports, potential market niches, prospective partners and resources, and marketing lists and leads.  While large companies have long benefited from competitive intelligence (CI) research, many business intelligence software and reporting systems are not cheap and can quickly add up for constricted government and non-profit budgets.

SCIP has launched the Local Economic Advancement Program (LEAP) to address this cost challenge.  Through our membership, we are able to link competitive intelligence data solutions firms with local and state government agencies and non-profits to help support their local business communities with critical industry knowledge. 


Economic Gardening


Economic Gardening, a philosophy that embraces strategies to grow existing second-stage growth businesses, is an innovative entrepreneur-centered economic growth strategy that offers balance to the traditional economic practice of business recruitment. It was pioneered by Chris Gibbons in 1989 in the City of Littleton, Colorado, in conjunction with the Center for the New West as a demonstration program to deal with the sudden erosion of economic conditions following the relocation of the largest employer in the city at that time. It has emerged as a prototype for a rapidly expanding movement of like-minded economic developers looking for additional methods to generate truly sustainable economic growth for their communities, regions or states.  One of the model's key elements is providing local entrepreneurs with access to competitive intelligence on markets, customers, and competitors that is comparable to the resources customarily only available to large firms. Included in the market information category are database and data mining resources, and geographic information systems.


Asset-Based Economic Development 


In local communities gathering information on competitiveness is essential for targeting scarce resources to sectors with real growth potential.  Business Intelligence database software tools make use of community profiling to measure community assets. They also aid professional site location consultants in advising businesses on the most probable business location and/or relocation. Economic development measurements like industry viability, job creation, economic output and taxable basis are also kept within the business intelligence database system.


Meet our SCIP LEAP Moderator!


Angela Kangiser is president of Online Business Research. Angela specializes in HUMINT and secondary intelligence source collection and analysis for clients spanning the globe. She speaks on competitive and market intelligence collection and analysis, and contributes articles to ONLINE and Searcher magazines as well as other industry publications.

Angela is an active SCIP member, working as the SCIP Regional Economic Development Intelligence LinkedIn group moderator. She holds an Economic Gardening Professional Certification from the National Center for Economic Gardening and is a member of the National Strategic Research Team, a select group of research specialists that service Economic Gardening pilot programs across the United States.


Eligible Participants


To maximize the impact of this effort, SCIP limits program benefits to business-focused non-profit 501 (c) 3s, 4s and 6s; Chambers of Commerce, Economic Development Alliances, business leagues, and diversity organizations; local government funded agencies, and small business incubator university programs.  You can become a SCIP member by clicking here and downloading, completing and submitting the enrollment form.


If you are interested in learning more about this innovative Program please contact


Program Partners

Market Awareness

Stop guessing.  Align your constituents for future growth by learning whether or not specific tactical initiatives are impacting each firm's perceived┬Ł strengths and weaknesses.  Establish a baseline of intelligence and ongoing monthly intelligence then track trends, themes, and gain the right level of non-biased intelligence to help make critical company and management decisions.


Special 60% Discount on Featured Products: 1) Baseline Intelligence; 2) Monthly Intelligence

SCIP Member Contact: Mike Nugent, Growth Manager at (512) 809-8730



Reduce the amount of work and time needed to aggregate, organize, and disseminate the pieces of information required for local business to grow and hire (e.g.: market news, industry news, contract/RFI/RFP monitoring, technical watch, regulatory changes, tax incentive, job market, public/private funding).

Special 50% Discount on Featured Products: 1) Web Monitoring and Categorization; 2) Semantic Analysis; 3) Reporting and Sharing; 4) Profile Management
SCIP Member Contact: Chris Hote, President at (617) 520-1025



Manage the overload of content that is available from the web, licensed research, and internal sources and turn it into a streamlined intelligence tool that drives better awareness of competitive and market information, and ultimately better strategic decision-making.

Special 50% Discount on Featured Products: 1) Web Discovery Platform; 2) Enterprise Knowledge Portal
SCIP Member Contact: Jim Hanlon, Director of Sales & Business Development at (212) 328-7246


Plunkett Research, Ltd.

Conduct analysis and market research for all vital industry sectors, ranging from biotech and nanotech to sports and retail.  Each industry research center contains trend analysis, statistics, profiles of leading companies, and association and organization lists, along with the opportunity to create custom reports with the information.

Special 33% Discount on Featured Product: 1) Plunkett Research Online
SCIP Member Contact: Emily Hurley, Enterprise Accounts Manager at (713) 932-0000


Discovering new economic opportunities is vital to the fiscal health of your community.  Infogroup offers precise information on top U.S. public and global companies with detailed executive biographies and company description profiles--information you can use to attract new business.  And since all of our data is geo-coded for immediate GIS mapping, you can use it to identify key points of interest for economic development.

Special 20% Discount on Featured Products: 1) iSell; 2) REFUSAGOV
SCIP Member Contact: Alan Benek, Sales Manager at (402) 599-4935

SydneyPLUS International

Centralize and automate research efforts to improve efficiency, publish real-time actionable intelligence through dashboard report feeds and alerts and help companies make informed strategic business decisions.

Special 20% Discount on Featured Product:  1) SharePoint CI
SCIP Member Contact: Philip Wensley, Sales Manager at (604) 278-6717


Get empowered with invaluable tools for monitoring the trade activities of competitors as well as generate new leads and sourcing overseas suppliers.  With up-to-date trade statistics, Zepol helps those dealing with the perils of global business.

Special 20% Discount on Featured Products: 1) TradeIQTM; 2) TradeViewTM
SCIP Member Contact: Paul Rasmussen, CEO at (612) 435-2192

Allis Information Management Inc. (AIM)

Receive visual displays of financial, market, technical and business information affecting a specific market, industry, technology or company; identify and define each step in the supply chain; profile key stakeholders and experts within the community or within target companies; Identify Key Intelligence Topics (KIT) that are crucial to the success of economic development efforts.

Special 15% Discount on Featured Products: 1) Company or Industry Profile Map; 2) Supply Chain Analysis; 3) Stakeholder Analysis; 4) Issue/ Opportunity Identification/ Analysis
SCIP Member Contact: Sue LaBonville, President at (989) 835-5811



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