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Survey Guidelines
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General Guidelines for Submitting a Survey



We encourage you to take advantage of the great opportunities and resources SCIP is providing for knowledge sharing, best practices, and research work that can be of benefit to all SCIP members.

A set of general guidelines have been established for all members of SCIP who are interested in conducting their own survey projects and are willing to distribute and share them and their results with the SCIP community. These guidelines will facilitate the process of survey submission and will set a uniform way of presenting CI related survey projects that SCIP supports and encourages. A survey project will be communicated as a sole product of the efforts and responsibility of their own creator with SCIP being the supporting side that facilitates the distribution of the survey and its results with the community. In that sense, SCIP is entitled to full access to the survey design and raw data collection. This service is offered to SCIP members as a paid service, please contact for information.

Therefore, all members who wish to submit a survey must abide by the following General Guidelines:

1. A survey should have a meaningful purpose and explore information, opinions, and insights that are directly or indirectly related to the field of Competitive Intelligence an objective evaluation and final approval on each project launch will be provided by the SCIP team in charge.

2. When submitting a survey, a clear and concise description of the survey project and its goals (no less than 100 words and no more than 400), and a short biography of the party/s involved in the project should be provided.

3. Submitting a SCIP member survey is an opportunity for you to learn to work with the Survey Monkey platform (SM): All surveys must be submitted either through this platform or using the format of the platform so that the SCIP team can upload the survey for you.

a. If you already have an unlimited/ gold/ platinum account in SM, then it is your responsibility to upload the survey through the SM platform and transfer* it to SCIP once it is ready to be launched.

b. If you do not have an account with SM, please create one. Once you have a basic account in SM, which allows for the creation of a 10-question only survey, then the 10 questions should be uploaded by the SCIP member submitting the survey. The project along with the rest of the questions (if there are any) must be transferred* to the SCIP team that will be in charge of uploading the final version of the survey.

*SCIP User details for transferring will be provided upon request.

4. A SCIP member submitting a survey is responsible for designing and writing their own survey. SCIP has the right redesign and rewrite parts of the survey as it deem necessary, but SCIP is not responsible for the overall project creation nor is it responsible for the number of responses the survey will receive as a result.

5. It is the responsibility of the SCIP member to provide their own text and design for the survey introduction, body (questions & questions logic) and conclusion. Please be aware that all questions submitted to SCIP must be tested by the owner of the survey in the SM platform to ensure that they can be uploaded as provided to the SCIP team. In the case that the submitted survey questionnaire is not designed according to Survey Monkey requirements, those questions need to be redesigned by the SCIP member. SCIP will not accept questions that lack proper logic and formulation and the latter can delay the publishing of the survey. The SCIP Team must have full access to the editable version of the survey and the results.

6. The survey respondent profile information collected as part of the survey cannot include any personal information from the respondent such as respondent name, e-mail address, phone number, employer name. Surveys which include such questions will not be accepted in this program.

7. Each survey project should be submitted at least 6 weeks prior to its launch. That will allow adequate amount of time to review the survey, raise questions, ask for revisions, and upload the survey, as well as accommodate and communicate the survey promotion in SCIP own media channels.

8. The SCIP team has the right to reject publishing a survey, prioritize and schedule the launch and promotion of the survey project as it deem relevant. Upon submission of a survey, the SCIP member will receive a confirmation mail from the SCIP team in charge that the survey has been accepted.

9. Once a survey has been submitted to SCIP, the SCIP member doesn't have the right to publish it and / or share the results of it with any other organization than SCIP and the current organization/ employer they are representing without the explicit written authorization of SCIP.

10. Please submit your survey projects to: You may also send other inquiries related to your survey project to the above e-mail. Our SCIP team will be happy to get in touch with you and provide the necessary guidance and assistance!

Disclaimer: SCIP supports its members by helping them share their research projects and making the findings public and accessible to the entire SCIP community. However, these projects do not necessarily express the views, policy, and ethics of SCIP and in that sense they shouldn't be interpreted as representative of SCIP values.

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