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Using Competitive Intelligence to Spawn Hyper Services

Thursday, June 14, 2018  
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By Vijay Velu

Group Managing Director

EquiNordic ApS

and Chief Executive Officer

Turret Labs


It was a cold and dark view with only a tiny glimmer of lights visible from my window at 32,000 feet above the Baltics as my Norwegian 787 Dreamliner cruised on with an occasional air bump that served to wake me up and take in the surroundings in the cabin. It was surreal to recollect that I had simply tapped a few screens on my iPad at 5:00 am to get me up here - after the quick Nespresso, then the Uber, curbside check-in, electronic boarding pass with seat assigned, and now emails coming in every few minutes while the Spectre movie played in front of my seat. Even my music playlist was curated to play a special selection for business flyers at night while the window pane auto-dimmed.


Yes, I realized all sorts of Hyper Services appeared to be have worked at peak efficiency to get me here, and it is something that we take for granted with this sort of Pavlovian conditioning towards relying on things always working or happening as expected. We define the ‘Hyper Services Model’ as super-efficient, optimized elevations of plain old service models that have existed for decades but have spawned leaner variants with exponentially growing service velocity, public reachability and innovation frequency.


Recognize these Hyper Services?

  • Today’s Uber-Anywhere app versus the plain old point-to-point ‘localized’ taxi dispatch system
  • 2-day Amazon Prime guaranteed and tracked shipping by simple subscription compared to expensive ‘door-to-door’ delivery without guaranteed returns

  • Nespresso custom capsules delivered on demand, curated and personalized to flavor preferences

  • Bausch & Lomb disposable lenses or $5 Shave blades arriving monthly by subscription

  • Apple or Spotify music downloads for pennies, or Netflix streaming compared to the old Blockbuster VHS tape rentals

  • Air BnB offering on-demand vacation housing

The list appears to be endless – but something is common in this seemingly omniscient offering of Hyper Services arriving suddenly out of the blue on a device by you. Somebody, somewhere, at some time, harnessed some deep thinking, reasoning (a.k.a common sense) and deeper analysis of plainly visible data to determine what the customer (me) really wanted or could use. Didn’t those Napster guys create a whole music download industry overnight? Whether they knew it or not, nothing but Competitive Intelligence models and methods utilized have resulted in the iTunes and Spotifys with those curated playlists (Hyper Services again) we use today.


With access to Big Data, BI+AI, Smart IoT, social radio, more data….more scalable CPU , rentable on demand servers, more everything – I began to wonder what could be the next Super Hyper Service surfacing around the corner to service the expectant consumer (like me again)? I reached for the iPad as the 787 bumped again gently and began scratching notes. I know there’s plenty of pattern data out there in the hands of those who serviced me this morning – Uber, the airline, the airport, that Starbucks, Wall Street Journal and the Times – and except the shoeshine guy, they all had me visible in their digital streams that fed their data lakes. So why haven’t they realized that as a frequent road warrior-business traveler, I hate this waiting at baggage carousels for my boring but normal business luggage while having to visually scan three hundred similar looking bags arriving on a belt one by one? 


Ah, but here’s where Competitive Intelligence comes in – Why doesn’t Uber (or a competitor) offer a service in participation with the airline to route my bags directly to my pre-arranged car through a special pre-arranged service ramp? I’d pay $5 more for this. Surely Delta’s RFID enabled bag tag is one step in this direction – but why do they simply dump it all at that darn Carousel Number Six again?  


With all this claimed efficiency, I believe I deserve to head straight to that Starbucks for six minutes, and then to the waiting Uber or Lyft. My old bag which always has nothing but shoes and laundry, should now be already routed by ‘Uber-Bags or ‘Lyft-Luggage and safely stored in the trunk. Then, a one line RFID message on my phone saying – All and everything aboard including 1 brown bag bearing RFID tag 3221, Road Warrior! With 90 million business travelers worldwide annually saving 15 silly minutes at that dumb carousel and not looking for a brown bag – it all adds up if you can count money.


It’s  simply Competitive Intelligence spawning Hyper Services – Either you see it, or you don’t. 


We landed with a soft bump as the 787 gently auto-adjusted all the window shades to the correct daytime intensity to awaken everyone. I deplaned and headed to Carousel Six to look for my brown bag.




Vijay Velu specializes in Next Generation Information EcoSystems. As Group Managing Director at EquiNordic ApS, his responsibilities include creating and delivering Next Generation cloud based products for eCommerce Solutions, Dynamic Supply Chains, Aviation and  Marine Logistics, Cognitive and Heuristic Intelligence models for Retail Solutions and Omni-channel retail.  As CEO of Turret Labs, he oversees Global Information Services, PMO Services and Complex Software Solutions in three domains: Financial Services, Aviation and Health Care. 


Vijay has an M.B.A. in Finance and Financial Management Services from NYU Stern School of Business and a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering (BSEE) from Bangalore University.



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