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Virtual Workshop Win/Loss Best Practices
Win Loss Training


Implement a Best-in-Class Win/Loss Intelligence Program


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Organizations with effective Win/Loss programs experience better customer retention, lead conversion, and win rates, because they can access the minds of their buyers. Effective Win/Loss programs allow companies to turn information into intelligence, and to make more focused strategic and tactical decisions backed by data and insights. This virtual workshop will provide you the templates and best practices to build a best-in-class Win/Loss intelligence program.


 Interactive Exercises

This is an interactive, roll-up-your sleeves working session, not a long webinar

 Proven ROI

Comprehensive Win/Loss programs can boost revenues as much as 30% (Gartner)

 Templates You Can Use

Get hands-on experience with all the templates you need for a successful win/loss implementation

 Don't Reinvent the Wheel

Learn best practices for building and running an outstanding program, as well as common pitfalls

 Coaching & Support

1 hour group coaching session to problem-solve implementation challenges

  Maximize Your Training Budget

No airfare, hotel, meals or time out of office gets you the most for your training dollar

What You'll Learn How to Do

This Virtual Workshop takes a blended learning approach, with approximately 4 hours of online, self-paced training, and 5 hours of live, interactive virtual training. Click below to learn more about the program.

Foundational Aspects for Win/Loss Programs

While market research often focuses on fulfilling specific information needs, an effective Win/Loss program requires a sustainable process to develop holistic analyses. This online course will step you through all the essential building blocks for implementing a Win/Loss program that will give your organization a competitive advantage. This is a precursor to our workshop.

  • Defining Competitive Intelligence (CI) and its impact on win loss projects
  • Understanding the value of intelligence with win loss programs
  • Intelligence for competitors, products, customers, employees, lost prospects, marketing, sales or environmental aspects
  • Organizational intelligence hierarchy function
  • Confusing intelligence acronyms defined
  • Win loss research techniques
  • Turning information and data into measurable and actionable intelligence for win loss programs
  • Identifying the different sources of intelligence for win loss
  • Intelligence gathering internal diagram and cycle
  • Defining strategic, unbiased, measurable, actionable intelligence for a win loss program
  • Different analytical tools defined
  • SWOT Analysis defined and applied for win loss programs
  • Gaining a competitive advantage
  • Implementing a repeatable intelligence program
  • The ethical constraints of obtaining intelligence
  • Primary and secondary research gathering techniques for win loss programs
  • Verifying and evaluating information
  • Performing counterintelligence on your organization

Win Loss Training

Top Reasons Why Win/Loss Programs Fail – and How to Avoid Them

It is frustrating to see any Win/Loss intelligence program fail, but organizations using the wrong tools and techniques bring additional obstacles into intelligence projects and jeopardize the success of those programs. Intelligence programs often extend beyond just the team charged with establishing them and getting others access to that intelligence. In tracking mediocre results, and even failure, in the implementation of a Win/Loss intelligence program, many common trends, or “worst practices,” can be found. In order to help organizations learn from the mistakes of others, this online course provides insights into the worst practices for intelligence programs, so that you will have a solid understanding of how to avoid failure and achieve success with your win loss program initiatives – and is a precursor to our workshop.

  • Identifying the different groups that are challenged internally by win loss programs
  • Impact organizations have with digesting the intelligence generated
  • Impact of intelligence gathering frequency
  • Impact of leveraging data that is measurable
  • Impact of turning information into intelligence from the win loss program
  • Impact of assigning ownership to the intelligence generated from a win loss program
  • Impact of having a repeatable win loss process
  • Impact of sample size and targets on a win loss program
  • Impact of budget constraints on an intelligence project
  • Top 5 success factors for a sustainable win loss intelligence program

Win Loss Training
Course completion document issued when passing the online test.

We will show how best-in-class organizations integrate Primary and Secondary research to drive an effective Win/Loss program. We will cover:

  • Specific research methods and best practices
  • 80/20 rule for each research method
  • Understanding what to outsource

TOOLS PROVIDED: CI Lifecycle Diagram; 80/20 Template

Building Measurable Key Indices for YOuR WIN/LOSS Program

In order to provide value, enable cross-functional communication, and be credible, KPI's are one of the most critical aspects of any Win/Loss program. We will cover:

  • Defining the various types of KPIs (SMART, quantitative, qualitative, etc.)
  • Using KPI's to monitor organizational initiatives
  • Importance of group buy-in and eliminating bias
  • Ensuring actionable indicators
  • Indicator data collection methods
TOOLS PROVIDED: Glossary of 175 Top KPIs; KPI Creation Worksheet

Categorizing & Assigning Win/loss KPIs

In this section, we will provide practices and tools to create, categorize, and assign KPIs for tracking intelligence programs. We will cover:

  • Seven characteristics of effective KPI’s
  • Associating corporate drivers with KPI’s
  • Assigning KPI ownership in organizations
  • Top drawbacks regarding KPI’s
TOOLS PROVIDED: 7 Characteristics of Effective KPIs

Turning Information into Intelligence for your win/loss program

Information costs you money and intelligence makes you money. This section focuses on:

  • Developing measurable indices to quickly identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Calculating expectation gap scores

TOOLS PROVIDED: Expectation Gap Score Calculation Worksheet


We will address how to provide you or your organization with the insights and tools needed to obtain a best-in-class intelligence foundation and the ability to apply it to every internal intelligence project. We will cover:

  • 5 pillars critical to creating a solid intelligence program foundation
  • What causes most intelligence programs to fail

TOOLS PROVIDED: KPI Tracking Tool, Sample Plus/Minus Gap Score Grid, KPI Worksheet


The ability to provide a unified view of customer and lost prospect feedback from multiple channels helps organizations establish a consistent view of each account by each organizational stakeholder. We will cover: 

  • Roles & responsibilities
  • Impacts of sample size, bias, and more
  • Consolidating intelligence and identifying trends
  • Critical reports to communicate with executives
  • Where most organizations lose program credibility

TOOLS PROVIDED: Methodology & Process Overview, Sample Tracking Sheet, Organizational Setup Examples, Deliverable and Email Templates

ROI Calculations for Implementing a Win/Loss Program

Most organizations understand that they "should" have a win/loss intelligence program in place but struggle determining what to measure. We will show you not only how to approach this topic within your organization, but also the primary impacts a Win/Loss intelligence program should have on your entire organization. We will address: 

  • What a Win/Loss intelligence program entails
  • The biggest organizational challenges and where to focus first
  • Calculating the viability of a win/loss intelligence program
  • Generating impact analysis reports
  • Calculating ROI for win rate, lost prospects, and more                                      

TOOLS PROVIDED: Win/Loss Formula Calculation Worksheet

After the Live Workshops you will have access to two online training courses focused on a proven methodology used for implementing win loss intelligence programs. These courses will provide you with additional guidance for implementing your win loss program.

Implementing a Win/Loss Intelligence Program (2 Parts)

In a marketplace where buyers are limited, organizations struggle to gain share of wallet share from their existing accounts and lost prospects. All of the activities in this course are aimed at allowing you to implement a Win/Loss Intelligence Program internal to your organization and understand precisely what each customer and lost prospect wants. The ability to provide a unified view of customer and lost prospect feedback from multiple channels and behavioral intelligence helps organizations establish a consistent view of each account by each organizational stakeholder. Soon you no longer have to “assume” what your organization is doing right or wrong. Back it up with facts and intelligence in order to focus on the highest identified priorities that will ignite revenues and enhance the customer experience.

Win Loss Training

Win Loss Training
Implementation Support Q&A Session
  • Working session to address questions and challenges encountered by participants
  • Sharing of lessons learned


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