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Virtual Event Archive

SCIP holds regular virtual events for its members to learn and share best practices, identify critical emerging issues, and benchmark against peers. There are two types of virtual events:

  • Webinars - Expert-led presentations with Q&A
  • Virtual Roundtables - Small, invitation only video sessions with an expert facilitator and a set list of topics and learning objectives

Our members have access to dozens of archived virtual events, some listed below. Click here for a list of upcoming sessions, and below (members only) for archived events.


Building a Competitor Product Matrix, in a Complex Environment

Presenter: Anjusha Chemmanur
In this webinar: Sometimes relevant and specific information in complex competitive environments is scarce. This webinar will offer an outline on how to build a simple, yet effective, high-level competitor product matrix, with limited information. It is designed to be dynamic and evolve according to the needs of the organization.


Strategic Foresight: Competitive Advantage via Competitor & Market Anticipation

Presenters: Demian Straka and Marc Limacher
In this webinar: A critical element for any organization is maximizing its competitive intelligence (CI) analytics; in our era of perfectly efficient markets, an effective “Early Warning” system can only be achieved by including primary source intelligence as part of your CI model. Learn how to optimally, early and systematically detect competitors’ behaviors, sales motions and customer pain points, and anticipate market opportunities and competitors’ next moves as part of such an Early Warning system.


How to Use Competitive Intelligence to Retain More Customers

Presenter: Ellie Mirman
In this webinar: How can you best prepare your organization to prevent future churn? Dive into how CI professionals can use their work to help their businesses reduce churn and retain more happy customers.


Hands On Sourcing Methods

Presenter: Irina Shamaeva
In this webinar: Explore a myriad of online research tools and techniques (“hacks”), from advanced Google searches to LinkedIn search workarounds and more. The techniques presented are easy to follow and do not require any advanced technical knowledge. Learn new techniques that will improve your CI work.


Tap into the Power of Enterprise Tools to Spread & Improve Market Intelligence Deliverables

Presenter: Aurelien Blaha
In this webinar: Learn how market intelligence processes can connect with other business tools in the enterprise such as collaborative platforms, CRM and data visualization tools. This integration helps market intelligence function across other business units in the enterprise, by letting your audiences consume content in the working environment they are familiar with. The session will include customer cases from various industries.


How to Use a Black Hat to Enable Decision making

Presenter: Laurie Young

In this webinar: A Black Hat is a facilitated competitive intelligence exercise that applies to any industry. In this webinar, understand the research that is conducted prior to the Black Hat event to do a deep dive into each competitor to understand how they behave and will likely conduct a bid. The results of a Black Hat will provide actionable intelligence to enable leadership to make critical business decisions.


Human Intelligence: The Leveraged Value of Profiling

Presenter: Captain Peter Jahne

In this webinar: An accurate, comprehensive profile of a target allows to structure a rapid-deployment engagement strategy and offer insight into future-oriented abilities, challenges and limitations to make decisions. The better we know how somebody feels, thinks, communicates, acts and reacts, the more tactical we can become. While intelligence outputs provide the what, when, why, how dimensions, the behavioral behind these give the ultimate insight of possible changes and limitations of our target.


Evolving CI Technology from the Age of Collectors to the Age of Augmented Intelligence

Presenters: Paul Santilli and Jesper Martell

In this webinar: AI is here, and it’s changing the game for CI. This change is a positive one - AI is quickly becoming the ultimate CI colleague, uncovering intelligence better and faster, and lifting up the CI professional to have a greater impact on their organization.


Using Superiority Analysis to Become a Growth Champion

Presenter: Arik Johnson

In this webinar: Superiority Analysis can be a powerful tool for intelligence professionals to transform the value they deliver to their organizations, anticipating and choosing strategic growth outcomes while managing industry risks.


Man + Machine: Why Artificial Intelligence is the Ultimate CI Colleague

Presenters: Emily Dumas and Lauren Kersanske

In this webinar: AI is here, and it’s changing the game for CI. This change is a positive one - AI is quickly becoming the ultimate CI colleague, uncovering intelligence better and faster, and lifting up the CI professional to have a greater impact on their organization.


Social Listening, Inside the Unstructured Focus Group: A Methodology for Turning Noise into Brand Insights

Presenter: Emanuele Criscione

In this webinar: With the proliferation of social media sites, a vast opportunity exists for collecting brand insights from this unstructured focus group. For various reasons, many industry stakeholders have been relatively slow to maximize social media content missing opportunities for strategic insights.


Trade Show CI: Tips to Maximize your Trade Show CI efforts

Presenter: Erik Glitman

In this webinar: There are many different kinds of trade shows and how you collect CI from the different types of shows makes a difference in how effective your efforts are. Learn about tools and techniques that are useful in all trade shows as well as some that are more specialized.


Counterintelligence Best Practices

Presenters: Frank Montoya / Kent Potter / Nancy Potter

In this webinar: Do you have an aggressive competitor trying to get your best secrets? If so, begin identifying what intelligence you most need to protect; identify proactive measures you can take know to hinder your adversary’s efforts.


Setting up the CI Function

Presenter: Erik Glitman

In this webinar: For those starting or growing their CI function this is a must watch three part series, Part I - Elements, Part II - Strategies, and Part III - Operations. Learn the key elements that are needed for a CI unit to thrive in a competitive environment.


Win More Business: The Principles of Win/Loss

PresenterRich Schroder 

In this webinar: Win / Loss research has become an essential tool in today’s competitive sales markets. Understanding what you and your team are doing well (or not so well) and what the competition is doing better will help you win more in new sales situations.


Machine Learning Implications for Intelligence and Insights

Presenters: Jesper Martell and Paul Santilli

In this webinarMachine Learning is often expressed in different ways (e.g. AI, predictive analytics, data-mining, deep learning, forecasting, Natural Language Processing, Simulations), but basically it is all about algorithms that analyze data to find models that can be used to predict outcomes or understand context with significant accuracy and improve or “learn” as more information is made available.


Behind the Big Data- The analyst in the era of the terabyte

Presenter: Alexandre Del Rey
In this webinar: The world is changing fast and the amount of data available for companies to make decisions has never been so enormous. New algorithmic, machine learning, higher computational capabilities, the "Internet of Things" are just a few of the new topics that are changing the world in which we live and work. How important is the analyst in the era of Big Data? Which are the key characteristics that machine learning cannot (yet) replace the human?


How to Leverage New Technology for CI Research

Presenters: John Blaine and Laurie Young
In this webinar: Your competitive marketplace is constantly changing with an influx of new developments, new products, competitors and potential strategic partners. As competitive intelligence professionals, it’s imperative to stay on top of these changes so you can provide relevant insights to key stakeholders.



Defining the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Presenter: Rumela Mitra
In this webinar: The Fourth Industrial Revolution serves as an umbrella for the increasing economic dominance and influence of tech and telecom giants. This new supercomputing era inevitably impacts your organization directly irrespective of your market segment, with results affecting the labor force and bottom line.


PCI DSS: What It Is and Why You Should Care

Presenter: Sean D. Goodwin 
In this webinar: The news is constantly talking about security breaches with exposed credit and debit card information. Is there anything we can do to stop this? Meet the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).


Understanding Ransomware as a Business

Presenter: Allan Liska
In this webinar: Ransomware is a billion dollar business. While it is strange to think of hacker activity as a business, many hacker groups operate in the same manner as a business and treating them like a business can help organizations better protect themselves from ransomware.



How Intelligence Portals Boost Productivity by Automating Collection of Information

Presenter: Gabriel Anderbjörk
In this webinar: There is more information than ever, so that’s not the main problem for information professionals today. Instead there is an enormous need for filtered, edited, quality information, i.e. intelligence! An intelligence portal can help you by automating the collection of sources from both external and internal sources.



Trend Monitoring and Analysis: Anticipating Disruption

Presenters: Peter Grimm and Beau Oliver
In this webinar: Understanding market trends and their impact is key to the future success of any organization. As dynamic competitive landscapes continue to evolve across industries, companies can no longer simply react quickly to market changes and disruptions.



Beyond Hashtags: Using Social Media for Competitive Intelligence Research

Presenter: Tracy Maleeff
In this webinar: With approximately 310 million active monthly Twitter users around the world, an enormous amount of information is generated on this social media platform. Best practices for Twitter chats and live-Tweeting will also be covered to maximize your professional development using this social media tools.



How to Leverage Hiring Data for Competitive Insights

Presenter: Kiran Nandavarapu
In this webinar: Most leading companies are not very outspoken about how they operate their business, or plan their strategies and future moves. However, a company’s hiring data can reveal valuable insights and allow you to read in-between the lines. 


Leveraging the Power of the Brand for Pricing Using Digital Data (Customer Reviews)

Presenter: Ajith Sankaran
In this webinar: There are multiple pricing algorithms that exist to provide optimum prices basis elasticities, competitive information and a host of parameters. However, one key element that often is overlooked is the power of the brand. How much would a customer be ready to pay more for on the account of brand equity?







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